Limca ad lyrics and chords

These days can’t find the difference between advertisement jingles and pop songs. This ad of limca has a beautiful lyrics.

D       D 
suhare.. bauchare.. 
A               G 
najare churalo na.. 
A                G 
kuch boode churalo na..
thaki si jindage se 
ruki si jindage se 
A                  D 
kuch lamhe churalo na...
kuch yade.. aur sapne 
D               Em 
appne churalo na... 
ruuke se jindagi se 
thaki se jindagi se 
A               D 
raftare churola na..
looka chupi khelte he.. 
bhid me hajjaro kaliya..(hajjaro kaliya) 
galiyo me yu bhed banke chupke gaye he sari khusiya.(sari khusiya)
khusiya ko bulalo na.. 
muskane churalo na..
sulabti pyas hae to.. 
machalti pyas hae to.. 
ek limca churalo na...
kuch yaade aur sappne 
appne churalo na..
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