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How to setup your site in ZERO Rupee (.np doman)

If you are some of the guys who dont want to waste you money in building your website, Here is elaborated guide to set up your free domain and email.
A guide to set up and a email


First you need to register at
but before doing that you should do the following:

[Notes: If the website is personal you need to use your name in the domain, otherwise it will be rejected. A sample coverletter for you has been written below the article. You need to submit it with your details at the Mecentile Building, Durbarmarg.]

Go to
registeran account for a free username and password
In the Hosted Domains add your domain that you registerd in the site ie

Now go to
Register for a domain. Fill the form. In the nameserver field of the form copy the following values / IP: / IP:

[note: The ip can be obtained by Run>Cmd>Ping]

Now you need to submit the necesary document to Mercentile office (at Durbarmarg) and wait until the domain gets activated.


In the mean time we will set up our new site and email addreess.

Freehostia provides free incoming email but you cannot send email from here so we will use gmain instead.

To setup email go to or here

Register for google apps (free) with your

Use Manage Domain>Service settings and activate the Email

In Setting>Email of google apps change URL of web address to

Now goto
In custom DNS records change MX of value to ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM (MX stands for mail exchange)

Register new subdomain named from subdomain manager

Again go to ustom DNS records andchange ip number of A record of to

Thats all. You have also set up the email address for youself.

It will take 2-3 days to update all the server in the planet for your email and domains


Set up a content management system for your site

Go to

Install Joomla 1.5 listed in Web tools> Elephat free scripts

During the process you will be asked to set up a database. Make a database. Remember the password you provided.


Now wait and wait and wait

RUN>CMD>Ping each day until you get the reply.
visit to see your website
visit to adminster the content of your site (if you have installed joomla 1.5)
visit to access your email (with all cool gmail features)


Cover letter

NPccTLD Registration Services
P. O. Box 876
Durbarmarg, Kathmandu, NEPAL

Subject: Registration of domain

Dear Sir/ Madam,
I would like to register .np domain name. I have already submitted the .np domain registration online form. I have attached the photocopy of my citizenship with this application.

I will be happy if you register my domain name as soon as possible. Thank you for considering my application.

Domain name: 

Mr. xxxx

Indian Standard Steel Table

The collection of all the steel sections used in structural design of steel structure is given here. Download the excel data file. It contains Excel file containing all the steel sections used in Indian standard (IS). It will be very useful to all the steel designers.


Angle section


Tube section


Channel section


I section


Pipe section

Nepal building codes

I have attached copies of Nepal Buiding Codes in an archive. The archive contains following files. Click here to download this archive.

Files in the archive:

NBC101 material specification.pdf
NBC000 requirements for state-of-the art design an introduction.pdf
NBC102 unit weight of materials.pdf
NBC103 occupancy load (imposed load).pdf
NBC104 wind load.pdf
NBC105 seismic design of buildings in nepal.pdf
NBC106 snow load.pdf
NBC107 provisional recommendation on fire safety.pdf
NBC108 site consideration for seismic hazards.pdf
NBC109 masonry unreinforced.pdf
NBC110 plain and reinforced concrete.pdf
NBC111 steel.pdf
NBC112 timber.pdf
NBC113 aluminium.pdf
NBC114 construction safety.pdf
NBC201 mandatory rules of thumb reinforced concrete buildings with masonry infill.pdf
NBC202 mandatory rules of thumb load bearing masonry.pdf
NBC203 guidelines for earthquake resistant building construction low strength masonry.pdf
NBC204 guidelines for earthquake resistant building construction earthen building (eb).pdf
NBC205 mandatory rules of thumb reinforced concrete buildings without masonry infill.pdf
NBC206 architectural design requirements.pdf
NBC207 electrical design requirements for (public buildings).pdf
NBC208 sanitary and plumbing design requirements.pdf

Download this archive. (~12Mb)

Latest verion can be downloded from