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Cracking excel VBA password

To remove VBA password in Excel document use following steps. The steps are really simple and you can remove the password in no time.Backup the xls file first!

  1. Using a HEX editor, locate the DPB=… part
  2. Change the DPB=… string to DPx=…
  3. Open the xls file in Excel
  4. Excel discovers an invalid key (DPx) and asks whether you want to continue loading the project (basically ignoring the protection)
  5. Open the VBA editor (ALT+F11)
  6. Overwrite the password, so change it to something you can remember
  7. Save the xls file
  8. Close and reopen the document and work your VBA magic!

Solution was found at:

If you want to remove password from protected sheet then see

GRP pipe malfunctions

Here are some photos of the bursted GRP pipe which was filled with about 2m overburden soil.

The penstock data are:
Head =115m
Discharge =3.2 m3/s
Length =2400m
The main reason for the burst was the movement of pipe alignment due to landslide.

The hole in ground made by the brusted pipe.

Coupling for GRP

Hard stone lining in inlet canal