Is travel necessary for young students?


In recent times, high schools are encouraging young people to work and travel before finishing their high school studies. Most of the students are supporting this trend while few of them wonder why such provision is necessary.

As evident, high schools are launching various programs to give exposure to their students to the real problems of world. Be it voluntary works to support local communities or opportunity to work abroad, such activities helps to increase the potential of individual students. By knowing how world works, one can discover his own actual field of interests and pursue his further studies in the same field. Such work provides experience to deal with people in one hand while also provides some expertise on the other hand.

After saying that, there are also students who do not want to work during studies. They say that instead of focusing in works they should learn more academic knowledge. Parents don’t want their young children to send to street to work where they can get spoilt and learn malicious behavior instead of learning real objectives. They may even get involved in drugs and other social evils.

Therefore we can conclude that keeping work and travel as curriculum of high school will definitely increase the potential of student however we must take care they get right directions from their teachers and parents and avoid any bad circumstances.

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