Whaling in Japan

Japan was an isolated country till 1850s. There were almost no foreigners in this country with exception of few Dutch who were living in isolated island of Nagasaki. However, in 1850s, US came to Japan with her military ships to Japan to force her to open up her land to foreigners. The main reason for US to force Japan was to help US whaling industry to expand. Whaling industry was very big and powerful on those days. These industries were killing whales all over the world. The ocean of Japan had high population of whales. But the problem was, this place was too far from US and it was difficult for these whaling ships to replenish their fuel and supplies. Realizing that the land of Japan was most suitable place to anchor their ships and refill it, US senate decided to send warships to Japan and start diplomatic relation with her.

Few days ago (19Sept2014) BBC reported that Japan is violating international law and has started to kill whales in name of research. US is one of the leading countries who wants to stop Japan from killing whales. Shouldn’t US see mirror of her face before making any comment on Japan? It is shameful that US is accusing Japan without any concrete proof. Today’s international law restricts US to come to Japan with warships. Even if US wants to do research in this area, they need to take permission of Japan and surrounding countries to send their team. Therefore, instead of accusing Japan for killing of whales, it is more appropriate for US to send their research team to collaborate with Japanese team and save the whales that their forefather has killed to the verge of extinction.
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