Installing Fortran Compiler for Visual Studio 2017

Fortran has come a long way than we had studied in high-school in 19xx. Its now fully supported within Microsoft visual studio. To install Fortran with VS IDE support, ensure the followings:

Modify/Install the installation file of VS 2017 Community edition (its free!) and install support for Desktop development with C++ .  This step will ensure that the Fortran compiler is available from within the VS2017. (Ref:

  1. During installation/modification under the Workloads view (shown below), select the checkbox to install the Desktop development with C++ component.
  2. To build applications to run on Windows XP*, check the Windows XP support for C++ component in Summary window
  3. Continue with the installation

Download Fortran compiler- Intel® Parallel Studio XE (its free too!) from You need to register with academic email address. Install it after downloading.

For offline installation you can download licence file from your profile page after logging in. (Ref:


  • Click on any active serial number to go to the corresponding Manage License page.
  • There are two icons on the License File header ‘Download license file’ and ‘Resend license file to my email’.





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