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Whaling in Japan

Japan was an isolated country till 1850s. There were almost no foreigners in this country with exception of few Dutch who were living in isolated island of Nagasaki. However, in 1850s, US came to Japan with her military ships to Japan to force her to open up her land to foreigners. The main reason for US to force Japan was to help US whaling industry to expand. Whaling industry was very big and powerful on those days. These industries were killing whales all over the world. The ocean of Japan had high population of whales. But the problem was, this place was too far from US and it was difficult for these whaling ships to replenish their fuel and supplies. Realizing that the land of Japan was most suitable place to anchor their ships and refill it, US senate decided to send warships to Japan and start diplomatic relation with her.

Few days ago (19Sept2014) BBC reported that Japan is violating international law and has started to kill whales in name of research. US is one of the leading countries who wants to stop Japan from killing whales. Shouldn’t US see mirror of her face before making any comment on Japan? It is shameful that US is accusing Japan without any concrete proof. Today’s international law restricts US to come to Japan with warships. Even if US wants to do research in this area, they need to take permission of Japan and surrounding countries to send their team. Therefore, instead of accusing Japan for killing of whales, it is more appropriate for US to send their research team to collaborate with Japanese team and save the whales that their forefather has killed to the verge of extinction.

Hirakana Katakana and Kanji Practice sheet

Here is a Hirakana (ひらかな) Katakana (カタカナ) Practice sheet.
hirakana-katkana parctice sheet

Download the pdf file pdf file – hirakana katakana practice sheet.
Excel file – hirakana katakana practice table

kanji practice sheet
Excel file kanji practice sheet layout

Falling coin and growing company

When mother is healthy, only then, child can grow. If child dont want to keep his mother healthy, surely health of mother will detoriate and the child will fall down. We must all bear in mind that we must think Big and grow the company we work with. Weather you are working with a one man company or a corporate house, your growth will acclerate, only if the company is growing itself. The company cannot grow without your geneune effort. And you cant sell your CV without working in a growing company. Its two sides of the same coin. And both side should spin together to rotate, otherwise both sides will fall down. Together!

About learning new culture

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The modern world is providing opportunity for every capable person from all around. Immigration from one country to another has become a trend to discover opportunity. While people move from one place to another, they carry themselves with their own language, culture and their ancestral way of life. In the foreign country, they have to mix with the people quite different background who have different language and culture from their own. Hence there is always a collision of culture for such immigrants. Learning new culture becomes essential to sustain in alien environment while preserving own culture becomes their need for self identity.

The first thing that any immigrants should do is to learn the basic culture of foreign land. Otherwise they will be left behind and they will have difficulties in adjusting with new community. Learning how the people speak, how they greet each other, how they live their life, how and when festivals are celebrated etc will help to get mixed with the new community. Similarly, knowing how people work and how relationship work in new country helps to sustain and maintain livelihood. But learning new culture doesn’t mean forgetting own roots.

Preserving the culture from where they come becomes is necessary for identity. Celebrating festivals and maintaining culture from the previous country not only helps to socialize with people of same country but also gives opportunity to learn their culture to new people.

Therefore, in conclusion we can say that, immigrants should not only learn the foreign culture but also spread their own culture for maintaining their social and economic life.


Is travel necessary for young students?


In recent times, high schools are encouraging young people to work and travel before finishing their high school studies. Most of the students are supporting this trend while few of them wonder why such provision is necessary.

As evident, high schools are launching various programs to give exposure to their students to the real problems of world. Be it voluntary works to support local communities or opportunity to work abroad, such activities helps to increase the potential of individual students. By knowing how world works, one can discover his own actual field of interests and pursue his further studies in the same field. Such work provides experience to deal with people in one hand while also provides some expertise on the other hand.

After saying that, there are also students who do not want to work during studies. They say that instead of focusing in works they should learn more academic knowledge. Parents don’t want their young children to send to street to work where they can get spoilt and learn malicious behavior instead of learning real objectives. They may even get involved in drugs and other social evils.

Therefore we can conclude that keeping work and travel as curriculum of high school will definitely increase the potential of student however we must take care they get right directions from their teachers and parents and avoid any bad circumstances.