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Biorhytm worksheet

We all feel high and low with time.Sometimes we are fastest, strongest and healthy. And at other time we are in opposite mood. This is biorhythm. I am not follower of Bio-rhythm league. But due to obvious intrest in new things I gave a try for it. The equations used to calculate is given in Wikipedia.

Physical: sin(2πt / 23),
Emotional: sin(2πt / 28),
Intellectual: sin(2πt / 33),
Intuitive: sin(2πt / 38),

where t indicates the number of days since birth.

These set of equations were not useful to me because it didn’t predicted my rhythm. Probably anyone interested in these study will find my Excel sheet useful. The sheet can calculate your rhythm on particular day or compare the rhythm of two persons. Hope it will work for someone 😉