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Hide your text

Thinking of giving your letter which nobody can see (yeh yeh except you!!) or saving your password list so that no one can see. I was amazed to see this trick hope you will also..Just do the following procedure…

  • Open your command prompt Start->Run type cmd
  • Move to any destination for example let us assume C:\> drive
  • Type the below code in your command prompt
  • C:\>notepad mytest.txt:hidden
  • Write some data and save the file.
  • Move to C:\> and open mytest.txt you cannot see no data in the file.
  • To retrieve the hidden data open command prompt and type the same command.
  • C:\>notepad mytest.txt:hidden
  • Notepad will open mytest.txt file with hidden data

You can edit the file normally to put visible data as well..

Amazing isn’t it!!