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Movie dialogues :)

Some of the catchy dialogues and comments that i collected from the movies , a strang hobby ;):

Movie Dialogues/Comments
  • ..when they say not to panic, its time to run
  • …puff of smoke in milky way.
  • ..it’s russian
  • beaten but never broken..
(a chinese movie)
  • rose is red, violet is blue..
    sugar is sweet, so are you
City of god
  • in the city of god if you run away they get you and if you stay they get you too
  • hood don’t stop, hood just take a break
  • honesty doesn’t pay sucker!
  • nothing i can say.nothing i can do
  • i feel so bad, i feel so blue
conversation with other women
  • the illusion of effortlessness requires a great effor indeed..
  • nature selects for survival, men for apperance.
  • you have killed god (by huxley).
  • shadow doesn’t need its self.
  • never show yourself and hide from this world
  • don’t get involved while glorifying your freedoom.
  • change can be beautiful but it never is..
Paper heart
  • you are my shooting star
    if you short me in my heart
    then i will fall apart
Up in the air
  • slower we move faster we die..
    …avoid commitement
We were soilders
  • dont feel sad
    when the time is so bad..