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Best thing about civil engineering

Recently i read a post somewhere in computer coding forum by some computer engineer. It read as follows:
a = 5
b = 10
a = b

print a

You look at the code above and aren’t sure what number gets printed out at the end

Alternative careers

Civil engineer

This is purely under estimated comment.Stupid people like him is creating some stupid softwares without puting his brain on use or knowing what the equation means in real life. And still they think they are really smart.

Lets see where he will not find a civil engineer or an architect..

the house he lives is designed by the architect and enforced by civil engineer .
the water he drinks will come from a soruce far away using system of channels, pipes, crossings..civil engnieer is supposed to get him that water even in draught!
the electriciy which he utilizes comes from the dam built by civil engineer and transmission line errected by civil engineers..
the road and bridges which he uses to go his home and office is built by civil engineers
the airport which he uses to fly his plane is built by civil engineers
the waste he generates in his lifetime is dispossed in secure way by civil engineers
the food he eats gets nutured from the water diverted by a civil engineer.

By copying and pasting the code you can easily be a computer engineer. F*** off. We know how to do our works.
Do you know how computers are used by civil engineer to put stupid people like you in comfort?

They use it to design the nuclear plant.
They use it to make dams and bridges.
They use it to design your gas pipes.
They use it to get answer of those things which you will never understand..
They use it to design the factories where your clothes are woven ..( wont you be shameful!)

I am and will be a civil engineer.

And if still you think you are clearver,

Do you know how high is your street light?
Do you know how many seconds red light glows in zebra crossing?
Do you know why your house do not break even by earthquake?

spread love not hate..